Photography has always been my way of seeing the world more deeply. I love capturing moments that might otherwise go unnoticed, turning everyday scenes into something memorable. My work is inspired by the beauty in the ordinary – and the extraordinary – fueled by the emotions that connect us all. 
Originating from the vibrant shores of Rhode Island, infused with the spirit of my time in Utah, my work explores the interplay between the dynamic energy of the East Coast and the vast expanses of the American West, capturing the essence of both coastal serenity and rugged mountain landscapes, while bridging the gap between urban and rural environments alike.
Through my lens, I aim to share a perspective that invites viewers to pause and reflect, to find wonder in the simple, and to feel a sense of connection with the subjects of my photographs. My goal is to create images that resonate on a personal level and spark a sense of discovery and appreciation for the world around us.
My collection of images conveys the way I see the world, and how each moment in life is a snapshot of perfection just waiting to be taken. I invite viewers on a journey that transcends geographical boundaries, offering glimpses of the beauty and diversity found in both my roots and my adventures afar.

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Laura Michaud is a storyteller, through photography, wiring, and movement. 
Even as a teenager, Laura had a passion for the arts. As an editor of the Scituate High School Yearbook, Laura was responsible for photographing events & daily life, as well as organizing and editing articles and photos. Many of her photos and edits were included in both the 2011-2012 and the 2012-2013 yearbooks. 
Outside of school, Laura spent most of her time at Festival Ballet Providence (now Ballet RI), where she completed the pre-professional program under the direction of Mihailo Djuric and Mary Ann Mayer. Eager to preserve memories, her camera was always with her backstage, and her photos have appeared in newsletters for Festival Ballet Providence and have been featured on the website. To this day, Laura continues to photograph ballet dancers from across the country. 
For her high school senior project, Laura assisted Lauren Knightly in teaching Festival Ballet Providence's Adaptive Dance Program on Saturday mornings, and completed research on the benefits dancing has on individuals with Down syndrome. This sparked her love for education.
College Years
While attending The University of Rhode Island, Laura worked under professor Zoey Stites in the URI Photography Lab (colloquially known as "The Photo Cage"), which included a traditional black & white darkroom and a digital lab. There, she would frequently help students in the darkroom and with computer hardware & software, including Photoshop, Lightroom, and Epson printers & scanners. She became familiar with the chemicals used for creating gelatin silver prints, and the associated hazards. In 2016 she also accepted a position teaching digital photography at the Jamestown Art Center, where she taught the basics of cameras, composition, and Photoshop to adolescents, teens, and adults, and continued doing so until 2019. 
Laura also worked at the URI Main Art Gallery under professor Robert Dillard and interned & volunteered for Wakefield's Hera Gallery under Adrien Mercier. Both of these opportunities familiarized her with the behind-the-scenes aspects of art galleries. Photographs from show openings and the annual Draw-A-Go-Go event have been featured in Hera’s newsletters and on their website. Throughout her time as an intern and as a volunteer she was also responsible for photographing Hera’s “Stronger Together” series.
In the summer of 2015, Laura attended URI's Faculty-Led summer study abroad program in Calabria, Italy led by professor Michalangelo LaLuna.  There, she was able to study Italian film, language, and literature, while being completely engulfed in the culture. After the program concluded, she backpacked throughout Northern and Southern Italy, gaining knowledge about the entire country. 
In the fall of 2016, her photograph “Green Hall at Dusk” was unanimously chosen as the 2016 URI Holiday Card, and she was awarded a cash prize and a breakfast with notable URI faculty including The University President, David Dooley.
Inspired by a photography course taught by professor Ronald Onorato, in the spring of 2017, Laura worked with photographer and URI professor Annu Matthew to complete her Honors Project on Alternative Process Photography, studying and using 19th-century photographic processes. In doing so, she became familiar with the early processes of photography that came before traditional film was invented. This gave her a stronger connection to photography as an art and as a science. 
In addition to receiving a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Art, with a concentration in photography, Laura completed the Honors Program and graduated Magna Cum Laude. During her time at URI, she also enjoyed classes in anthropology, archaeology, sex & gender studies, feminist art, art history, and even pharmacology. She was also able to continue pursuing her passion for dance by being an active member of the URI Dance Company every semester. Throughout her coursework, she also attended guest lectures by Robert Ballard, Jane Goodall, Jill Enfield, and David H. Wells
Professional Career
Since graduating in 2017, Laura J Michaud has created a self-run photography business, being hired by many private clients to shoot portraits, events, and other commissioned work. Supplementally, Laura has held a variety of positions, including: NeighborWorks Blackstone River Valley's YouthRAP program, Community College of Rhode Island's English Department, Outback Steakhouse, and the University of Utah's Office of Comparative Medicine.
Laura has spent years traveling domestically and internationally, photographing every new place along the way. She aims to present scenes and moments in thought-provoking, eye-catching ways -- capturing both rural and urban scenes alike. 
 Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic in 2020, she moved from Rhode Island to Salt Lake City, Utah. Road-tripping through 14 states and 5 National Parks gave her the unique ability to experience and photograph vast wildlife and landscapes like never before. Photos and stories from the roadtrip are captured in the Westward Bound 2020 blog. 
While living out west, she spent her time photographing the rugged western landscapes, juxtaposed with the serenity of the East Coast. She also took courses at The University of Utah, writing "Language & Technology: Is Predictive Text Leading to Predictive Thought?" and "The Photog Blog."
 After spending two years in Utah, Laura moved back to her home state of Rhode Island in the summer of 2022. Since then, Laura has immersed herself in the local Rhode Island arts and culture.
As of 2022, Laura holds a full-time position Fidelity Investments, where she maintains her SIE, Series 7, and Series 63 licenses. She also holds part-time positions as Event Day Staff, Store Staff, and as a Volunteer Photographer at WaterFire Providence and at the WaterFire Arts Center
Laura's photographs of various Arts Center and downtown events have been used in the event pamphlets, on waterfire.org, and shared through @waterfireprov, @waterfireartscenter, and @waterfirevolunteer on Instagram. Select print images are available at the WaterFire Arts Center Store, and have also been included in gallery exhibitions, including the 2023 BuyArt [small works holiday show & sale]. 
Photographs from her travels around the world have been featured in Laura J Michaud Photography's annual calendar, which are available for purchase every holiday season. 
All photographs are available for purchase.

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